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KISSUI × Mompreneur®s in New York — #Interview04

# Interview04  ハリーナ・ホフマンさん-----Halina Hofmann | KISSUI × Mompreneur®s in NY

# Interview04  ハリーナ・ホフマンさん-----Halina Hofmann | KISSUI × Mompreneur®s in NY




Our last interview is with Halina Hofmann. She is Mompreneur  who is engaged in real estate and construction business. She has immigrated from Belarus to the US 12 years ago.  Her family joined her in New York City 3 years ago – it is then when she started this business with her father.


#Halina Hofmann / Managing Partner at Aspiro Group









New York, new place, new life

“I am the president of the company and in charge of management, finances and marketing. My father is a foreman at renovation sites.To be honest, I did not start this business because I wanted to. My family needed support and employment to begin their new life in New York.”

Halina is the mother of two boys, an eight year old and eleven year old. Instead of working for some one else, she chose to work for herself. The US is not the most accommodating place for working mothers.

“I wanted to work, but I also wanted to spend time with my children. This is the main reason I started the business of my own. There is no easy way to provide for a family but I wanted to have as much control over my life as possible”






Spend time with kids, work to survive.

For Halina, work is not everything. She works to provide for her family and although she enjoys some aspects of her job, what she enjoys the most are her kids.

“My work hours are quite flexible. I am there for kids when they come home from school. There is nothing more important than to raise healthy responsible, and thoughtful individuals that will contribute to the society and make the world a better place. Children always come first, Work comes second. ”






First come children, one step at a time at work.

Halina made a choice to run her own business while raising her boys with the help of family and friends. She chose to be Mompreneur. It is hardly easy to be a working Mom in the US, there is always a way to figure things out.

“Children are everything for me. But I would like to be a person of my own. I would like to grow my business and be successful. Children will grow up soon enough and would not need me as much any more. But I will still have my business.”




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– KISSUI × Mompreneur®s in New York  –

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makeup by Aya Ogasawara(KISSUI)

photo by Yoko Miyazaki(KISSUI)

Hairstyling by Eiko Narukawa(KISSUI)

styling by Kyoko Nakagawa

interview by Yuka Yanagisawa & Yu Oshima(Mompreneurs)

interpreter by Maiko Kawamoto

written by Yu Oshima(Mompreneurs)

translate by Marie Y Sato

Mompreneurs Network Japan


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